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>Word on the Street The State of Us; an address and appeal to Black Boston
by: Jamarhl Crawford

We are killing ourselves. We must stop our fighting and squash all of our petty beef. Right now the Black Community is under attack like never before and we are at the no-mercy of government and corporate forces. White hostility towards us is escalating at an alarming rate. At the same time that our enemy is attacking and attempting to conquer us, we are killing ourselves internally.

We are doing the work of those who want us to die. There are those in this world and specifically this city who see Black, Latino and Cape Verdean men as the enemy. They see us as a waste and as worthless. They fear us. They hate us. They hate our children and our women. They mock us and make fun of us. They enjoy locking us up and killing us. This is their plan; they want us to die.

These are the people we are helping by carrying on with this New Jack City, gun toting, shoot first, ask questions later type of mis-guided street warfare. What are we… cops?!? It seems like we are trying to compete with the police record for the murder of Black people. We are killing each other over jewelry, women, drugs, money, cars, words, music and whatever other stupid reasons there are to supposedly justify murdering ourselves.

We have all heard this before but now in 2003 really, enough is enough. There is enough money and love and pride and prestige and rep and floss and shine and bling and respect for everyone. Black people (Jamaicans, Haitians, continental Africans and those of us Africans trapped here, whoever), Latinos (Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, el Salvadorians, Hondurans, etc.), Cape Verdeans and Asians we must stop warring amongst ourselves, the one thing we have in common factually is that we have all suffered under the brutality and barbarian tendencies of the same people throughout history. You fill in the blank. If all of us in the city linked up then we could see clearly who is the “minorities”. We (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow) make up the majority. This is true of the Whole Planet.

For my young brothers I am directly concerned with us, we are the generation that will take on the mantle of responsibility and become the leaders, family men and businesses that will shape the children to come forth. Most of us now have children of our own and we can all agree that no one likes to see children murdered in the street from stray bullets or a teenager getting caught up chasing the false image of a "thug" life that only ends in death. It is time for Black men to stand up and stop the nonsense that kills us.

We could literally take this city over with our collective strength, money, knowledge, influence and power. Right now they fear us and we can use that fear against them as they have used it against us. None of us wants to die or go to jail or to have to hustle or to not have our families intact and not to see our babies. None of us wants to scrape by…Kings want to take it to the next level and ball in full.

Black men who claim to not be scared of anything and be “thugs” and “represent” need to really look at how we treat each other and how we will beef with our own over whatever but when it comes to the police and white racist politicians and businesses we say and do nothing. This is cowardice. Black children die in our streets and we do nothing. Police frame, beat, murder and shoot people and we do nothing. Businesses exploit and wont employ. Politicians lie, cheat and steal. Crazily, out of all these people doing us wrong we choose to fight each other over nothing half as important.

I implore every true brother to peep game and lets organize and make Boston our own. We can make history and secure a future for all of our people in the city. Black, Latino, Cape Verdean & Asian think what would happen in this city if we came together and united for a common cause against our common enemy. Throughout history we have all dealt with each other’s people in peace and without confusion. Only until caucasians became involved did the common thread become that we all get the same bad results with the same people. Throughout history and time, the results are always bad and never good. Let us all handle our own business and squash beef. Stack money, buy land, buy buildings, start businesses, support each other and boycott them from everything you don’t absolutely need until we can get our own suppliers.

I cannot tell young Black men not to hustle although I do not support it nor condone it. I understand it, I have done it and I strive to continue to be able to support myself through legal entrepreneurial endeavors no thanks to the so-called system because as we all know with a record, C.O.R.I. makes it impossible for you to advance in their world. What I can say is that if you are hustling, you need to be extremely careful and begin an exit plan. The end result in almost every case is death or jail and you don’t hustle for that. Parlay your money into other things like property and land and business opportunities, save your money and legitimize and legalize yourself as soon as possible. Besides all you heard and what you know "death and jail" "poison to your own people" "part of their plan" drug loot is really small money compared to the empire we could all build by taking back what is ours and using what we have to get more. It’s really just a new hustle with more profit, less turnaround time, less risk and no re-up. You can’t beat it.

I cannot tell brothers not to have guns or turn your guns in, in this day and age with the state of the world what it is. I am not the one to tell my brothers to get rid of their guns, however I am the one to tell brothers to change their aim. Do not shoot your brother. Make an oath with yourself that you will not kill a fellow Black brother unless some craziness jumps off and a brother is climbing in your window. There need not be dead children 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 years old because so-called thugs meant to shoot so-and-so but do not know how to shoot or aim. I challenge the Black, Latino and Cape Verdean men of Boston to take it back to the hands. We can no longer contribute to genocide. We can no longer leave our children fatherless by death or jail.

We have churches on every corner and there is no difference, no change. The churches are not going to do it. We vote every year and although we have Black politicians there is virtually no difference, no change. Politicians are not going to do it. The older generation is tired and it is up to us from "thugs" to "urban professionals" to put our hustle and muscle together in all fields of expertise to get this thing cracking and put it down on this city.

Brothers and sisters we do not organize, we do not support our own talent, and our own businesses or our own venues and we have no real leaders to speak of in Boston just as Black people have no official leaders nationally. Our politicians have their hands tied because they are in the minority and isolated while the public is not unified enough to make demands of the city/state and be taken seriously so we play ourselves and get played on every level.

The Politicians are not the voice of the people. The Preachers are not the voice of the people. The voice of the people is in the Streets. The People are everyday around the way folks in the barbershops, beauty salons, grocery stores, insurance agencies, food spots, culture shops, T stations, convenience stores, homes and buildings throughout the Black communities of Boston.

This city is not welcoming or warm to Black People. There is a huge lack of Black entities in this city that most other cities have. There are no Black movie theatres, a lack of quality sit down Black restaurants, nightclubs etc. There is no real Black scene and all of this are reasons why everyone wants to break out to ATL, NY, Philly, Chi, Cali and anywhere but here. I refuse to run and let these crackers win like they run me.

Boston is notorious for hating, and white cracker racism, everybody knows it and talks about it but no one tries to stop it. To me it seems like people must be scared… and why? Truly now what can those people do to us? The day of dogs and hoses and bussing and being scared of racist Southie crackers and all that is over. Today is a new day and they know it would be on. They do not want it. We do not need them. They need us.

Black people are not safe on the streets from some black people, meanwhile gentrification has white people moving in next door and walking poodles on streets that they used to not want to go to. Do not forget this city of ours. Remember moving day in the suburbs and remember “Nigger go home.” Remember mysterious fires and rocks through windows. Don’t forget Charles Stuart and how the police rolled on the community for an imaginary black suspect while white politicians, citizens and police called us animals. Don’t forget the Bussing in Southie. Remember “Die Niggers” and “We don’t want Niggers in our school” and then flash forward to Metco and monkey white men commenting on escaped gorillas.

Feeling Patriotic? Remember the brother speared with the US Rag on the steps of Boston City Hall. Think you run your block? Claiming streets named for cracker slave masters. Remember the Neo-Nazi Nut Cracker son of the Wang Center Director who attacked 3 Teenage Black Girls and no one said anything. After all that then remember Trina Persad, Jermaine Goffigan, Michael McQuay, Steven Jackson, Tiffany Moore and all Black children caught in the crossfire of us being mad at us when we do nothing to the real enemy who we should be mad at. Change the Game. They can't stop us - They never could. It is us who stopped us all this time and now its time to move forward and take this to the next level. Are you scared or are you prepared?

Squash the beef. Truce in the Streets. Let’s get money and make it happen. This is the beginning of a takeover. Stop genocide. Stop gentrification. Stop snitching. Stop selling out. Fuck the Police and Racist Crackers. Change the Game. We are the Streets. The City is Ours.


Jamarhl Crawford
UNO The Prophet aka Nat Turner Devil Burner
Boston Chapter Chairman, New Black Panther Party


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