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Jamarhl Crawford
Author, Writer, Spoken Word Artist www.myspace.com/jamarhl
Conscious MC- "UNO The Prophet aka Nat Turner Devil Burner"
Editor, Blackstonian www.blackstonian.com
Founder, Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity www.hip-hop4blackunity.org

NBPP-Boston Chairman Jamarhl Crawford
Official NBPP positions
National Minister of Information
National Hip-Hop Ambassador
Webmaster, www.newblackpanther.com
New England Regional Representative
NBPP-Boston Chapter Chairman www.nbpp-boston.com

Jamarhl Crawford is a 4th Generation Bostonian. He is a child of Roxbury. Crawford coined the term "Blackstonian" as a representation of the rich culture and history of Black Bostonians. Martin Luther King, jr. studied in Boston, Malcolm X first began his legacy in Boston and Minister Farrakhan originally hails from these same streets. In the 1960's and 70's change was in the air all across the country. Boston was a vibrant hub of Revolutionary activity with manifestations of the Black Panthers, The Republic of New Africa, The Mau-Maus and a very active Arts scene encompassing Theatre, Painting, Photography, Music, Dance, Writing, etc. Jamarhl Crawford is a student of History and seeks to use his talents and energy to eradicate apathy in Boston and restore and recapture the minds of the people to refocus on the total liberation of people of color.

"Boston is a very unique place. We have all the tools for success at our finger tips.  There is old School Black Wealth here as well as the never ending pool of brilliant students who come here to receive a world-class education.  We have Black and Latino Millionaires on the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots.  In Boston, we have the benefit of a diverse population of people of color.  We have so-called Black Americans, West Indians of all types; Jamaicans, Trini, Bajun, Haitian and more. We have Continental Africans from Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leonne and more. We have Latinos from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica and more. We have Asians from China, Viet Nam, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand. We have Indians from East India and we have the so-called Indians here who are actually the native indigenous people of this land that the European first tried to destroy. With all these people and all these resources we have collectively with all our money, talent, brains and energy, just imagine what would happen if we all linked up. If all of us combined forces for a common goal and in a unified voice called and worked toward justice and righteousness, we could turn this city around over night.  This is my mission and my vision."

Jamarhl has written for the Boston Metro as well as The Weekly Dig.
Crawford has been featured in numerous articles for his individual efforts in both arts and activism as well as NBPP-Boston related activities.

Jamarhl Crawford is an ordained Minister. Crawford was formerly employed as Operations/Public Relations Manager and Director of Technology for Boston City Council, District 7. He has been honored with Official City Resolutions from both the City of Boston and the City of Cambridge for his activism and organizationl efforts.

Jamarhl Crawford has lectured/presented at:
Roxbury Community College, Northeastern University, Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Wellesley College, UMass Boston, Hampshire
College, National Black Agenda Convention, 21st Century Black Massachusetts Conference, Nelson Mandela's Historic Post-Release Visit to Boston in 1990

The Boston Herald listed Crawford as one of
"20 Black History makers for the 21st Century"
"20 young Bostonians who are making Black History right now"
"The Hub's next generation of Black History makers"
- Boston Herald February 2001

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