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>COINTELPRO - The Smear Campaign
COINTELPRO is actually the COunter INTELligence PROgram of the FBI. It was started by J. Edgar Hoover in 1956. Since this program was created its tactics have been used by the FBI, the CIA, federal, local and state authorities in order to stop movements within the US that the government determined to be "dangerous" or "undesirable".


"The purpose of this new counterintelligence endeavor is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or OTHERWISE NEUTRALIZE the activities of black nationalist hate-type organizations and groupings, their leadership, spokesmen, membership, and supporter."

-J. Edgar Hoover, then FBI Director

"Efforts of the various groups to consolidate their forces or to recruit new or youthful adherents must be frustrated. NO OPPORTUNITY SHOULD BE MISSED TO EXPLOIT THROUGH COUNTERINTELLIGENCE TECHNIQUES THE ORGANIZATIONAL AND PERSONAL CONFLICTS OF THE LEADERSHIPS OF THE GROUPS AND WHERE POSSIBLE AN EFFORT SHOULD BE MADE TO CAPITALIZE UPON EXISTING CONFLICTS BETWEEN COMPETING BLACK NATIONALIST ORGANIZATIONS. When an opportunity is apparent to disrupt or NEUTRALIZE black nationalist, hate-type organizations through the cooperation of established local news media contacts or through such contact with sources available to the Seat of Government, in every instance careful attention must be given to the proposal to insure the targetted group is disrupted, ridiculed, or discredited through the publicity and not merely publicized..."

-J. Edgar Hoover, then FBI Director


GOALS from a FBI memo dated 3/4/68 obtained by the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)

For maximum effectiveness of the Counterintelligence Program, and to prevent wasted effort, long-range goals are being set.

1. Prevent the COALITION of militant black nationalist groups. In unity there is strength; a truism that is no less valid for all its triteness. An effective coalition of black nationalist groups might be the first step toward a real "Mau Mau" [Black revolutionary army] in America, the beginning of a true black revolution.

2. Prevent the RISE OF A "MESSIAH" who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a "messiah;" he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this position. Elijah Muhammed is less of a threat because of his age. King could be a very real contender for this position should he abandon his supposed "obedience" to "white, liberal doctrines" (nonviolence) and embrace black nationalism. Carmichael has the necessary charisma to be a real threat in this way.

3. Prevent VIOLENCE on the part of black nationalist groups. This is of primary importance, and is, of course, a goal of our investigative activity; it should also be a goal of the Counterintelligence Program to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralize them before they exercise their potential for violence.

4. Prevent militant black nationalist groups and leaders from gaining RESPECTABILITY, by discrediting them to three separate segments of the community. The goal of discrediting black nationalists must be handled tactically in three ways. You must discredit those groups and individuals to, first, the responsible Negro community. Second, they must be discredited to the white community, both the responsible community and to "liberals" who have vestiges of sympathy for militant black nationalist [sic] simply because they are Negroes. Third, these groups must be discredited in the eyes of Negro radicals, the followers of the movement. This last area requires entirely different tactics from the first two. Publicity about violent tendencies and radical statements merely enhances black nationalists to the last group; it adds "respectability" in a different way.

5. A final goal should be to prevent the long-range GROWTH of militant black organizations, especially among youth. Specific tactics to prevent these groups from converting young people must be developed. [...]


Some of the favorite targets of Cointelpro were:

Black Nationalist so-called "Hate Groups" in order to "Prevent the rise of a black messiah, who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement"

Cointelpro has documented the use of Jewish Defense League against, use of La Cosa Nostra against, and has numerous victims including: Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), the Deacons for Defense and Justice, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), The NAACP, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Nation of Islam (NOI), Poor People's Campaign, Republic of New Africa (RNA), Black Panther PArty (BPP), United Slaves organization (US), Black Liberation Army (BLA), Black Liberators, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), H. "Rap" Brown (Imam Jamil Al-Amin Abdullah), Elijah Muhammad, Dick Gregory, Huey Newton, David Hilliard, Ron (Maulana) Karenga, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Geronimo Pratt, Muhammed Kenyatta, Jeff Fort, Assata Shakur and many more.

Cointelpro also targeted Cesar Chavez, the Puerto Rican Independance Movement and the American Indian Movement (AIM) and many, many more.

Cointelpro also targeted groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party, but for some strange reason never seemed to go after these groups with the same ferocity or to have the same destructive effects.

Today we can be assured that the FBI have even more advanced plans and methods in order to carry out these goals and they have attempted to destroy the lives and work of: Min. Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Fred Hampton, Jr., Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz, New Black Panther Party, Yahweh-Ben-Yahweh, Malachi York, and their offensive against the Black Panther Party has never ended with the Feds issuing a $1 million dollar bounty on Sister Assata Shakur and still framing and locking up Panthers across the country on trumped up or 30yr old charges.

The work of the FBI has even adapted and continued within the sub-culture of Hip-Hop. RAPIntelPro victims have included: Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Irv Gotti, TI, Lil' Kim, etc.


In 1969 the FBI special agent in San Francisco wrote Hoover that his investigation of the Black Panther Party revealed that in his city, at least, the Black nationalists were primarily feeding breakfast to children. Hoover fired back a memo implying the career ambitions of the agent were directly related to his supplying evidence to support Hoover's view that the Black Panthers were "a violence prone organization seeking to overthrow the Government by revolutionary means".

Only a limited number of methods of covert action exist. A study of COINTELPRO revealed four basic approaches.

* First, there was infiltration. Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. The main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. They also exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.

* Second, there was psychological warfare from the outside. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists.

* Third, there was harassment through the legal system, used to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, "investigative" interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.

* Fourth and finally, there was extralegal force and violence. The FBI and police threatened, instigated and conducted break-ins, vandalism, assaults, and beatings. The object was to frighten dissidents and disrupt their movements. In the case of radical Black and Puerto Rican activists (and later Native Americans), these attacks, including political assassinations, were so extensive, vicious, and calculated that they can only be accurately called a form of official "terrorism."

Cointelpro formally ended in 1971, but most of us have realized that this program continues even today in an even more covert capacity and benefitting from the technological advances that make survellience easier from long distances and computers.

The existence of COINTELPRO in Boston can be examined by taking a careful look at the history of the NBPP-Boston. After you take notice of some key points and patterns, I think you will see that COINTELPRO is alive and well in 2007, even here in Boston.




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